Thomas & Ford Sitting In A Tree?

Originally Posted in August 2012

To the numerous loyal citizens who sent this in, Thank You


One question down, so many more to go…


Yes; it appears that Leslie Thomas, current District 3 council-member is in an attorney/client relation with Paul Ford. It’s here in black & white.

Thomas confirmed this by signing an Affidavit Of Conflict Of Interest on August 20th, 2012 which was notarized by our city secretary, Lisa Palomba.

Citizens should find this highly inappropriate that a current sitting council-member can represent a plaintiff during litigation against the city that she currently serves. How can she possibly represent our city fairly and her client at the same time? A key question will be: when did this relationship begin?  How many executive sessions did she attend on this issue while she was one of Ford’s attorneys.  Even if she was not his attorney, how much of what she learned in those executive sessions will now be used against the City?

Another item of interest has come to light;

Although not confirmed (yet) multiple sources have claimed that the plaintiff’s attorney said he would not take Ford’s case unless a retainer was paid. has requested the invoice of payment regarding the retainer for Paul Ford’s attorney. Assuming that the Baylor money is gone, one would think that “help” was given with the agreement that the retainer money would be “recouped” after the lawsuit settles.

Now that the citizens know that Leslie Thomas is possibly in a legal relationship with whom is suing the city, what keeps us from thinking that another sitting member of our council,their husband or local newsletter possibly footed the retainer for Ford.

Represent thy neighbor…


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