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Citizen Checkbook Assaulted By Pen Whipping

Originally posted August 2013

When you arrive to witness the August 6th Duncanville City Council meeting you may find the toilets clogged at City Hall….

The cause of the backup is nothing more than a giant wad of your tax dollars that have been stuffed down the hole and the toilet being flushed repeatedly.  It’s surprising to see this happen after some of our Council Members ran for elected office on the platform that they would bring “Financial Stability back to our City.” It appears that the opposite is happening.

In doing research for the upcoming budget, it was discovered that the monetary number for the Duncanville VS. MARA Inc lawsuit had climbed to a level never seen before.

Below, I present to you the facts on how much this is costing you as a taxpayer,


– click on image to enlarge –

DownHereSince May 17th 2012 thru today, the City of Duncanville has flushed down almost $140 thousand dollars of your tax dollars paying Sandy Alexander; auditor of Main Station. That’s a staggering $102,493 OVER what was budgeted for. And with that kind of money being thrown around, one would expect some results right?

We’re still waiting on that answer..

If one sicking number wasn’t enough, enjoy this second set of numbers.

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From November of 2011 to present, the City of Duncanville has shelled out over a $180,000 in legal fees just in the MARA Inc case alone. Between the audit and attorneys the current total adds up to a whopping $320,453 with zero results, convictions or substantial/criminal findings.

In the image above, look at the very last column in the bottom right hand corner. The running total for all legal expenses including MARA, Community Bank, General and Court add up to over a half million dollars.

So far….

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Originally posted on August 13th, 2013 under “Knock Knock, Whose There? Not Economic Growth”

As citizens, all should remember the date; August 25th. This day should be recognized as a annual City Holiday, observed as the day Economic Development in Duncanville came to a screeching, blood curdling, halt.

On August 25th, 2011; Former Duncanville City Council-members, Don Freeman (District 1), Leslie Thomas (District 3) and (District 5) Councilwoman Johnette Jameson voted to vacate the entire Duncanville Economic Development Corporation for the first time. This course of action may possibly be the most brilliant political move that the citizens of Continue reading

Video Deposition Of Don Freeman

Originally Posted On October 12, 2012-

Due to the high number of views of this post, duncanvillevoice.com had to make a necessary upgrade to the bandwidth. Thank you for your patience while we corrected this problem.  

duncanvillevoice.com has obtained the September 28th 2012 video deposition of District 1 Duncanville City Councilman, Don Freeman.

The video has been edited into three parts due to the file size and time. The first two videos are 30 minutes in length, and the third is just over 25 minutes.

Thankfully this video contains a time stamp of when the deposed is on the record or off. To prevent from being accused of “chopping” and “editing,” duncanvillevoice.com has posted the video in its entirety. You will see that the “start” and “end” times match as you navigate the videos.

Be forewarned that these videos are long and contain dry material. The videos do however hold vital information that the public needs to hear. That is why the “sharing” and “embedding” of the videos have been enabled for all of “The Voicers,” as you have been lovingly dubbed, to share on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media that your friends and neighbors may follow.

I could go through and pin-point everything questionable about this deposition, but I will refrain and allow the followers of this blog to watch and make your own decisions.

The future of Duncanville sits in the balance as we speak. We must spread the word to the citizens who may not know that hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars are being spent on unwarranted litigation to run off Monte Anderson who is personally responsible for bringing in hundreds of jobs and MILLIONS of dollars to the city’s tax roll here in Duncanville.

Although this deposition is of just one of the many involved in this case, it’s a prime example of how easily manipulated one can be. This deposition begs to ask the question, “Who is really behind this ploy to run of Monte Anderson?” It’s clear that this is not the brain child of Don Freeman, he’s just a lowly pawn in this rag-tag collective.

It’s easy to hide behind executive session, but you can’t hide from public record and this will not be hidden from the citizens of Duncanville.

This is our city and it’s time to take it back.

I promised this was coming soon, today, I deliver.

*Please allow video time to load after pressing play, the video will start shortly after.*

Go and share the news my friends and thank you for being such loyal readers…~P~