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Just When You Think The Cameras Are Off. They’re Not.

December 4th proved to be a great day for video clips of the Duncanville City Council.

First we get to see District 3 council-member Leslie Thomas pout about the outcome of a vote she should have seen coming; and instead of voting for “something,” they got nothing.

Next we get to witness District 5 council-member Johnette Jameson possibly step outside of the Code of Ethics with a public statement made to Mr. Ed Hicks of Clay Cooley Nissan informing him that she “expected” a sizable contribution to the Education Foundation because that’s what has happened in the past.

After that, Johnette Jameson wants a public pat on the back for “approving” a luncheon for city employees. You can read all the details concerning this item here.

The best part of this meeting though, everyone missed.

After the  3 hour marathon council meeting, the council adjourned into executive session.  It appears that everyone left to go home.

Unbeknownst to the council, the camera started rolling sooner than expected when they arrived back into the chambers to reconvene regular session.

Before we get into what was caught on tape, here is the back story.

Back in September of 2011, an item was placed on the city council agenda that would create an ordinance to ban “Parkour” for the parks in Duncanville. For those who do not know what Parkour is, click here.

The night of that meeting, the chamber was filled with the Parkour kids from Armstrong park. They all got up and spoke against the ordinance. The vote was cast in favor of the kids and the item was tabled for later discussion.

Jump back to present day.

Before the council meeting on December 4th, kids that were playing at Armstrong [Kidsville] Park were allegedly told by a Duncanville Police Officer that the kids were in violation of a City Ordinance that banned “Parkour” in city parks. The kids were also told that if they were seen again at the park, they would be arrested for criminal trespassing. A few of the kids from Duncanville “Parkour” made their way to city hall to voice their concerns in front of council.



As of today, no ordinance has been passed banning “Parkour”, or “playing” at any Duncanville park.

During the “Council-member Reports” section of the regular meeting, District 2 councilmen Stephen Jones spent a good deal of time “self-backslapping” regarding his work talking to the engineering teacher at Duncanville High School and inquiring if anything could be done about creating a space for the kids of Duncanville Parkour and getting them involved in the project. After Jones was finished, the crowd at the council applauded his efforts. However…

When the council returned to the chambers after executive session, the camera started to roll.

Thanks to Don Freeman’s “mush mouth” and the horrendous audio in the chambers it makes it difficult to hear what he is saying at first. Once the camera gets rolling, you can get the jist of the conversation that is being had “off the record.”

After Don Freeman states,” They beat those kids up, they tasered them, ” Stephen Jones and the other council members found it amusing enough to erupt into a chorus of chuckles.

Judging by Leslie Thomas’s, “The camera isn’t on is it?” question and then pointing at Don Freeman like she was scolding an incontinent dog for piddling on the floor, it must have been something “not for public knowledge.”

Don Freeman then puts his hand over his mouth with a “did I do that” motion as an audible “sshhh” is heard and Stephen Jones is seen turning in his chair chucking it up with the rest of the council.

Mayor Deborah Hodge offers some knowledge and guidance to Don Freeman by informing him that “less is more.”

If you start @ the 25 second mark, you can hear and see Johnette Jameson say, “turn it off if it’s on.

Why should it be turned off if it’s on?Want to hide something? Should I even ask that question?…but I digress…

Oh, here is the 40 second video clip of feet entering the mouths of our distinguished Duncanville city council.

Don Freeman Uncut

Don Freeman Uncut

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Citizen Checkbook Assaulted By Pen Whipping

Originally posted August 2013

When you arrive to witness the August 6th Duncanville City Council meeting you may find the toilets clogged at City Hall….

The cause of the backup is nothing more than a giant wad of your tax dollars that have been stuffed down the hole and the toilet being flushed repeatedly.  It’s surprising to see this happen after some of our Council Members ran for elected office on the platform that they would bring “Financial Stability back to our City.” It appears that the opposite is happening.

In doing research for the upcoming budget, it was discovered that the monetary number for the Duncanville VS. MARA Inc lawsuit had climbed to a level never seen before.

Below, I present to you the facts on how much this is costing you as a taxpayer,


– click on image to enlarge –

DownHereSince May 17th 2012 thru today, the City of Duncanville has flushed down almost $140 thousand dollars of your tax dollars paying Sandy Alexander; auditor of Main Station. That’s a staggering $102,493 OVER what was budgeted for. And with that kind of money being thrown around, one would expect some results right?

We’re still waiting on that answer..

If one sicking number wasn’t enough, enjoy this second set of numbers.

- click here to enlarge image -

– click to enlarge image –

From November of 2011 to present, the City of Duncanville has shelled out over a $180,000 in legal fees just in the MARA Inc case alone. Between the audit and attorneys the current total adds up to a whopping $320,453 with zero results, convictions or substantial/criminal findings.

In the image above, look at the very last column in the bottom right hand corner. The running total for all legal expenses including MARA, Community Bank, General and Court add up to over a half million dollars.

So far….

A Bad Case Of The Freebie Jeebies

Originally Posted on May 6th, 2013-

Voters in Duncanville have inquired as to the validity of the attempt to deny local children a free meal last summer. It has been questioned due to the only documentation that has been provided is a copy of the minutes [which are not “exact” minutes] of the City Council meeting from June 19th, 2012 and a recap of the meeting by other news sources.

The following is some background to this issue in an effort to help those who are new readers catch up.

On June 19th 2012, Mr. Kenneth Woods and Carla Lacy were brought before the council as representatives of Help is Here, a non-profit corporation to provide information and answer questions from Council-members regarding the USDA Summer Food Program.

Before June 19th, then City Manager Dan O’Leary stated he had received “phone calls” regarding the usage of city parks for the Summer Food Service Program. Duncanvillevoice.com was unsuccessful in determining who was behind the “phone calls” made to O’Leary which subsequently led to the temporary cease of free meals served to area underprivileged children until it could be discussed and approved to move forward under the direction of the city council.

Mr. Woods answered questions and provided information to the council regarding how the program was operated.

Eventually, the council decided to take action on the item in question. Former councilman Grady Smithey made a motion, seconded by Leslie Thomas, to approve the use of city parks and facilities for participation in the USDA Summer Food Program for the remainder of the Summer of 2012 while waiving the requirement for signs, banners and associated fees. The staff was also directed to obtain a waiver of liability from the providers and to develop a formal policy regarding the use of city parks & facilities regarding the program prior to Summer 2013. The vote passed 7-0 which was surprising given the opposition that confronted Mr. Woods and Ms. Lacy during the discussion.

Speaking of the opposition, here is the video from that night in question. Excuse the bad color and tint, the city’s archive video collection is a bit rough. Please watch the video all the way through.

It has been reported that during the public comment section of the latest council meeting, Mr. Woods spoke and was discouraged by the phone call he received by the city stating that the city was not interested in participating.


AgendaItem16On Tuesday night, the council will be discussing and will consider approval for the organization “Help is Here” to provide free meals in the parks of Duncanville. It will be interesting to see if the council followed up and worked to complete the “formal policy” regarding the use of city parks and facilities set forth in 2012 or will it be argued that these types of programs are unnecessary due to a lack of “underprivileged” children that live in a certain area and the possible saturation of such programs like those of Help is Here. As you can see, the item lacks any acknowledgement of what was requested/recommended in the past.

You have seen the video, you decide if this was an attempt to “protect” children from being feed improper foods or if the program had the appropriate permits or inspections; Was this an attempt to keep kids from having access to a free meal within a close proximity in a safe and very public space? Or is this just a bad case of the “Freebie Jeebies.”

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Originally posted on August 13th, 2013 under “Knock Knock, Whose There? Not Economic Growth”

As citizens, all should remember the date; August 25th. This day should be recognized as a annual City Holiday, observed as the day Economic Development in Duncanville came to a screeching, blood curdling, halt.

On August 25th, 2011; Former Duncanville City Council-members, Don Freeman (District 1), Leslie Thomas (District 3) and (District 5) Councilwoman Johnette Jameson voted to vacate the entire Duncanville Economic Development Corporation for the first time. This course of action may possibly be the most brilliant political move that the citizens of Continue reading

Your Moves Are Soooo 2011, But Thanks For Being The First

I’m sure you’ve heard/read how past leaders were nothing more than “Good ol’ Boys” and how they were leading our city into a financial apocalypse and destroying the trust of good citizens all over Duncanville with their reign of terror .

I’m positive you’ve heard/read about how the past “Good ol’ Boys” (GOB’s) appointed  their “cronies” and “henchmen” on boards & commissions in an effort to help expedite their dirty work.

I guarantee you’ve been informed about how “current” members of the exclusive GOB’s Club have circumvented the rules and abused their power to place themselves on boards and commissions.

What you won’t hear/read about is how it was all done before.

But not by those dirty GOB’s you keep hearing about.

The precedence of this so-called abuse of power of  vacating boards and “self-appointing” or appointing political allies were set by none other than the ones that are telling members of the current council are wrong.

On August 27th 2011, the following story was posted on duncanvillevoice.com

8-27-2011 (Council-members Play Chess With Economic Development)

Council members (Janet Harris, Johnette  Jameson, Don Freeman and Leslie Thomas)  voted on Thursday August 25th, 2011 to vacate the entire 4B (DECDC Board) and strategically replace current standing members with some of their long time political allies.

JamesonDistrict 5 Council member Johnette Jameson made the motion to terminate the service of all current 4B Board members, which was seconded by newly elected District 1 Council member Don Freeman. Freeman was clearly not happy after the 4B Board decided to not follow the council’s recommendation to terminate Earl Jones’ contract with the City of Duncanville as Economic Developer.

freemanFreeman explained the reasoning for his second of Jameson’s motion by saying, “They (the 4B Board Members) have a right to come in here and express their opinion but not to second guess a decision we make. They report to us, they make recommendations that we approve. What they did the other night wasn’t right.” 

  • During the August 25th 2011 Duncanville City Council Meeting:
  • Councilmember Johnette Jameson made a motion to vacate the entire Duncanville Economic Development board and reappoint new members. Jameson (District 5) made this motion due to remarks made by some board members after the DCEDC Board voted to renew the contract with former Economic Development Director Earle Jones and the Duncanville City Council voted 4-3 (Jameson, Harris, Thomas, and Freeman voted) not to offer the new contract. 
  • Smithey disagreed with the motion saying that members of the DCEDC were taxpayers and had the right to voice their opinion.
  • Freeman agreed with Jameson that while they had the right to disagree with the decision, but disagreed with them making remarks about the council.
  • The vote was 4-3 (Jameson, Harris, Thomas, and Freeman for) to vacate the entire DCEDC.
  • The following were  appointed to the board:
    • Wendy Nalls (2-year term)
    • Jack Coleman (2-year term)
    • Tracy Shook (2-year term)
    • Tommie Rains (2-year term)
    • Ann Hubener (1-year term) 
    • Deborah Hodge (1-year term) 
    • Homer Fincannon (1-year term)

What was the motivation for the recent exile of the DCEDC?

I’m sure that the above information was left out of the story you have been hearing, hasn’t it?