“You’ve Done It In Secret Before.”

Part (2) of “Brings Slap”

Don Freeman makes the statement that “We are trying to change something and make it secret” during a special City Council meeting. 

Deborah Hodge, the Mayor of our fair city replies with, “You have done it in secret before.”

Need to hear it again? (Short Version)

The question begs to be asked;

Mayor Deborah Hodge, what are you aware of that Don Freeman has done in secret? Why have you not brought that forth to the public? Are you withholding information about a council-member that may have participated in city business in secret?

If you’re aware, then one would have to believe you were present at the time when “secret changes” or a “secret meeting” was going on.

If not, then you’re making accusations against a fellow council-member which is against the council-member code of conduct [which Johnette Jameson pointed out earlier when she “POO’d” Don Freeman and his rant earlier…but I digress…

Your definitely not talking about the resolution at hand. Essentially it’s the complete opposite. [the resolution] makes it possible for this council to conduct all board appointments and removals during executive session. And if the City Manager/Attorney and every employee under the sun is a “Officer” of the city, then those decisions to appoint, remove, add positions and change duties will be made behind closed doors as well.

Life is made up of choices.

Choose wisely.